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Embassy Ed. is a research and knowledge organisation that was incorporated in the Republic of South Africa in 2016. The formation and incorporation of Embassy Education followed an observation by experienced South African academics that many students in our tertiary institutions cannot read and write.

Also most South Africans do not only lack computer skills, but lack a reading culture that impacts on information retrieval skills. The need for the adaptation of international best practices, affiliation with organisations with similar objectives throughout the world, and the responsiveness to the needs of the South African economy and polity are but some of the guiding values of Embassy Ed. as a knowledge centre.

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Information & Communications Technology

  1. Application design and development for mobile technology
  2. Office automations
  3. Document management services

Organisational Communication

  1. Writing for different media
  2. Intra and interpersonal communication
  3. Organisational communication

Research & Development

  1. Research ethics
  2. Mentorship
  3. Knowledge management

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